Mineral and non-protein nitrogen supplementation (PDF)

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Guillermo Bavera in this work has rearranged, updated and expanded the text of previous editions, including a subject that he considers of utmost importance for livestock farming, especially breeding: “dietary mineral supplementation with non-protein nitrogen,with emphasis on the use of urea. Throughout its pages, the importance of mineral supplementation for grazing cattle, the main form of cattle farming in our country, is discussed, and given the conditions of the country, the advantages of grazing cattle and the unsurpassed quality and health of the meat obtained under these conditions. In addition, the author makes interesting references to mineral supplementation in feedlot fattening, either to demonstrate some needs of grazing production or to broaden the reader’s vision. The scarcity of practical information in the literature and the need to improve winter feeding of cows in many areas in an economical way, highlights the importance of Guillermo Bavera’s work.

True to his style, the author intends to motivate the reader to further research on the subject, stimulating the producer and professionals to adopt mineral supplementation strategies according to the breed and production region.

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